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1:1 Personal Training

1:1 Personal Training

For many years, business professionals with specific needs for business dress have gone to bespoke tailors to get a top-of-the-line suit designed for their unique tastes. Thrive Fitness, like the bespoke tailor, believes that a One-on-One personal training program should fit like a perfectly tailored suit that will meet the client’s unique goals. Thrive Fitness, with the client’s involvement and input, will create a customized and rewarding fitness program. One-on-One personal training at Thrive Fitness takes place in a purpose-built contemporary and inspiring setting that represents the fitness and health industry equivalent of a beautiful boutique hotel… Read More

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training

Thrive Fitness’ Duo & Small Group Training has become increasingly popular. Offering a similar level of custom-tailored diet, nutrition and training for each client, members in our Duo or Small Groups enjoy the added benefits of group motivation and encouragement. Considering each client’s personality and what drives them, Thrive’s method of paired training produces incredible results. Duo & Small Groups are thoughtfully formed by our trainers based on the client’s complimentary goals, preferred style of motivation and scheduling needs… Read More

Body Fat Testing

Body Fat Test Information

Where function, convenience and user-friendliness combine to give you an innovative product, InBody 370 is transforming how athletic trainers see fitness, goals, and progress while providing our clients with the information necessary to fully understand what is going on in their body and how effective their workouts are. Dedicated to you, your progress, and your goals, our investment in this cutting-edge device is just one more reason why Thrive Fitness goes above and beyond for you and your fitness… Read More

Thrive Fit Meals

Thrive Fit Meals

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone took the guesswork out of healthy eating? Absolutely! Since November 2014, Thrive Fitness has offered fresh, customized meals through its Thrive Fit Meals program to ensure that all of your hard work in our fitness program pays off. Participants receive three to five meals daily (depending on your caloric needs), with meals being available for pickup every three days. Dishes feature the freshest ingredients and flavors, and include proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to help you cultivate lean body mass… Read More


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Fitness and training programs offered at Thrive are diverse, truly offering the best solution for each client. Programs are individually crafted and scientifically proven effective whether you are seeking to improve performance, lose weight, build a muscular physique overcome injury. Thrive’s one-on-one personal training and other customized programs will help you attain real results.


Working one-on-one with a professional personal trainer who understands your body and recognizes what is best for you is the best gift you can give yourself. Every single hard-working client at Thrive receives the full benefits of his or her own individualized program. Reward yourself with improved health, mood, confidence, energy and longevity.

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    This is an excellent Boutique fitness studio. Lloyd and his team are all very friendly making it easy for me to start my day here twice a week. It’s conveniently located for .…Read More

    Lori Jackson
    Thrive has been a life changer for me. Less than a year ago I felt terrible both physically and emotionally. I had gained to my heaviest weight and the lowest self-esteem I have ever known b…Read More

    Heather Bussey
    I started training with Kevin three months after I delivered my first child; I had lost weight but needed to lose another ten pounds to get back to where I was pre baby. Five months of …Read More

    Julie Yates
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