11 Foods That Are Stealing Your Youth

11 Foods That Are Stealing Your Youth

11 Foods That Are Stealing Your Youth

Before resorting to plastic surgery or searching for that miracle face cream, read our list of foods that age you and try to cut them out from your diet.



  • Dehydrates the body
  • Raises blood pressure
  • Disrupts bone metabolism



  • Removes intercellular water
  • Makes the skin less elastic
  • Causes arthritis



  • Causes swelling
  • Causes liver disease
  • Reduces vitamin A levels


Fast Food

  • Risk of rapid obesity
  • Makes the skin lose its healthy color
  • Block ups blood vessels


Marinated Vegetables

  • They contain fewer than 70% vitamins and minerals
  • May cause aggravated chronic illness


Animal Fats

  • Disrupt metabolism


Smoked Meats

  • Contain cancer-causing carcinogens



  • Poison the body
  • Blocks blood vessels


Soy Sauce

  • Can contain sulphuric and hydrochloric acids and alkali
  • Causes kidney stones and hypertension


Sourdough Bread

  • Can cause thrush in women
  • Disrupts intestinal microflora
  • Leads to acidification of the body


Aspartame (sugar substitute)

  • Causes migraines and pain in the joints
  • Only increases desire for sweet things

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