7 Tricks Athletes Use to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

7 Tricks Athletes Use to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

7 Tricks Athletes Use to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Getting a good workout in the gym can sometimes leave you feeling overstimulated when it comes to going to bed. World-famous athletes owe a lot of their success to their training coaches and also to their sleep coaches. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, here are some tricks and tips gathered from sleep coaches.


Go To Bed Correctly

Sleep is measured in 1.5-hour cycles. During one cycle, a person’s body passes through all the stages of sleep needed to restore it. For an adult, it’s best to sleep 5 cycles. The best way to get enough sleep is to draw up a timetable:
Get up at 06:30am – Go to bed at 11:00pm
Get up at 07:00am – Go to bed at 11:30pm
Get up at 08:00am – Go to bed at 12:30am
Get up at 09:00am – Go to bed at 01:30am
If you can’t go to bed on time, it’s best to wait 1.5 hours as it’s better to wake up at the end of your sleep cycle rather than in the middle.


Sleeping in Fetal Position

Turning on your right side during your sleep helps your heart work normally as it’s  larger part is located on the left side of the chest.


Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach

In this position, you have to sleep with your head tilted up. This makes your neck muscles press on the arteries that go to the brain which, in turn, receives less blood. Sleeping like this can leave you with a headache.


Set the Temperature To 60-65°F

A high-temperature risks dehydration by morning, and can lead to an uncomfortable sleep of tossing and turning.


Choose the Correct Bedroom Items

Choose items that benefit you- a low pillow, a microfibre blanket (adapts to body temperature), the stiffness of the mattress, etc.


Make the Bedroom as Dark as Possible

Turn off the lights, close the curtains, and even cover up the illuminated displays and buttons on your devices.


Eat the Right Food

Don’t consume caffeine and fats in high sugar or fatty dishes that take a long time to digest, thereby raising your body temperature.


Wind Down Beforehand

Avoid any cardio, stimulating activity, or technology at least two hours prior to sleeping. That means no Facebook too!


Watch Your Stimulant, Over-The-Counter and Pharmaceuticals Intake

Two primary causes of insomnia, especially in athletes are

  • The use, overuse or late-day use of stimulants and pre-workouts
  • Side effects from OTC and pharmaceutical medications.

When taking stimulants (coffee, preworkouts, etc.) be sure to give your body a solid eight hours to flush out them out of your system before bedtime.  With OTC (over-the-counter) and pharmaceutical medications, try taking them earlier in the day, or seek alternatives that may have reduced side effects.

When it comes to training and athletic excellence remember rest and recovery are essential to your training.  Thrive Fitness specializes in training for all types of athletes – from high school to professional sports.  Train for peak performance, email us at info@thrivefitnessatlanta.com. 

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