Are You Sabotaging Your Workout With Poor Nutrition?

Do you feel like you’re putting in more hours at the gym, but seeing diminished results? The problem may not be with your workout program but your diet. You could be sabotaging your workout with poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits. If you go to the gym and do a grueling hour workout, only to stop by the local drive through for a burger, large fries and soft drink, you simply won’t see any weight loss and it also can affect your attempt at building a stronger, healthier body, too.

One hour of working out does burn calories, but not enough to offset unhealthy eating habits.

A big Mac has approximately 490 calories, a large order of fries has 460, top those two off with 250 calorie large coke and you just ate 1200 calories. A 154 pound man burns about 440 calories in an hour of vigorous weight lifting, which doesn’t burn off the calories from just the burger. You’d have to workout with weights vigorously for about two and a half hours to burn off the extra calories or walk at a fast speed for over four hours. Making smarter choices can help you reach your weight loss goal more quickly.

Junk food gets junk results.

Foods that are high in fats and sugar provide empty calories and those affect how well you perform in the gym. They can deplete your energy, besides adding to weight gain. Junk food contains few nutrients, which has an effect on your metabolism, not only making weight loss more difficult, but also increasing the potential for chronic disease that have to potential of wiping out all the benefits from your workout.

What you eat makes a difference in both your physical and mental well-being.

There’s an increased risk of visceral fat—-belly fat, when you eat junk food. That boosts the risk of heart disease, diabetes and inflammation. It’s been linked to mental well-being, such as increase risk of depression and mental health issues. Your body needs a healthy microbiome to function. That means a healthy collection of bacteria and microbes, normally found in the gut. These microscopic entities not only help the body to digest food and glean the nutrients from them. They aid your immune system, boost your metabolism and even affect your brain health and brain function by creating hormones and messaging the brain that affect your mental health.

  • If you want to get the most from your workout, knowing the right food to eat before and after a workout helps build muscle and provide the energy to make your workout effective.
  • The healthier you eat, the more motivated you are to workout. You simply have more energy and a clearer mind that will make you feel more like going to the gym.
  • You weaken your body with a bad diet, which means you’ll experience more sick days that can set you back for weeks.
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