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If you’ve hunted for Atlanta physical therapy near me, you have a need that requires expertise. Finding the best therapist is important and can make the difference between rapid success and follow-through to a stronger future. A good physical therapist uses experience and science, but it’s also almost an art. The therapist uses his or her own treatment style that may involve other techniques and extra training. Make sure the therapist you choose specializes in the area you require.

Finding the best physical therapist near you should first focus on the science.

Does the therapist stay abreast of the latest studies and take continuing education classes to improve their skills? You should always feel free to ask the therapist questions during therapy, so you know what’s going on with your treatment. The therapist should be able to explain the procedures and how they’re helping you get better. He or she should also have experience in other areas of fitness.

How much experience does the physical therapist have and does the therapist have recommendations?

Whether you have an injury or other type of issue, you need to make sure the therapist has adequate knowledge in that area. You can check several of the various rating sites or the therapists site for recommendations. Ask the physical therapist directly about his or her knowledge and experience, particularly in your area of need. Find out if the therapist offers guidance and help even after the initial therapy.

Find out the type of therapy offered.

Is the therapy exercise-based or is it more manual therapy. Both are important when recovering from an injury or situation. You also need to know whether a lot of time is spent in passive therapy. This practice is more antiquated and not used as much today, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t used or aren’t useful. Examples of passive treatment include a traction machine, laser therapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation. Today, these should be just a very small component of treatments with actual training being at the foreground.

  • Check out the facility first. You’re choosing a facility close to you, so checking it out should be easy. Do a drive by first and walk in to schedule an appointment. It will give you an idea of how it operates normally.
  • Expect the physical therapist to ask many questions on the first appointment. The more questions the therapist asks, the more knowledge he or she has to help you.
  • When you go to your first visit, wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move. It helps during the initial evaluation. Athletic clothing is a good option.
  • Convenience is important, particularly if you find moving, driving and sitting long periods difficult. There are conveniently located physical therapists throughout Brookhaven.

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