11 Benefits of Exercise You Didn’t Know

11 Benefits of Exercise You Didn’t Know

11 Benefits of Exercise You Didn’t Know…

We all know that exercising is good for you. We all know that exercise benefits in weight loss, body sculpting, and improved athletic performance. But do you know how exercise supports our overall health and longevity?

Here are 11 benefits of exercise beyond looking good!


1) Decreases Depression.

Exercising increases the endorphins released in the brain which leads to an elevated mood and confidence and helps reduce stress.


2) Live Longer.

Exercise oxygenates the blood which maintains your skin and organs, slowing down the aging process.


3) Improves your heart and lung function.

Like all muscles, the heart becomes stronger as a result of exercise, so it can pump more blood through the body with every beat with less strain.


4) Slows Dementia.

Research has shown regular exercise slows down memory loss, stimulates cognitive ability and improves your memory.


5) Prevents and Regulates Diabetes.

You naturally lose muscle mass with age, which slows down your metabolism. Exercise boosts metabolism and can reduce blood pressure as well as the glucose in your blood.


6) Reduces Pain.

An inactive lifestyle can lead to back, muscle and joint pain. Even if you are in pain, one of the most recommended treatments is to exercise and strengthen the surrounding muscles.


7) Healthy Libido.

Regular exercise leads to a higher self-esteem, improved circulation, and an increased level of endorphins and release of adrenaline – all factors that contribute to improved sex drive and performance.


8) Promotes Quality Sleep.

Research has shown that exercise contributes a better night’s sleep in quality, length, and frequency.


9) Builds Immune System.

The risks of illness and disease are greatly reduced when you exercise regularly, as you build up and strengthen your immune system.


10) Strengthens Bones.

Exercise prevents loss of bone mass and keeps bones strong. This is great for your posture and decreases your chance of osteoporosis.


11) Physical Stamina.

Exercise has been proven to prevent loss of muscle mass and increase flexibility.


Often when we suffer from one or more of the above ailments or issues, we rely on supplements or prescriptions.
Alternatively, exercise is proven medically to support overall wellness naturally on many levels.

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