Favorite Low Carb Snacks For Diabetics

At Thrive Fitness in, Brookhaven, GA we work with people with a variety of issues, whether it’s losing weight or just getting fit. Often, people come for help when they find they’re borderline diabetic. Their doctor recommended a workout program and healthy eating to help them lose weight. We offer a lot of help with nutrition, and often find most people do better when they have healthy snacks. Here is a list of low carb snacks for diabetics that could help you squelch that craving for something to eat and aid in keeping blood sugar levels normal.

Keep it simple.

Finding the perfect snack can be easy. You want one that gives you an energy boost, but doesn’t make your blood sugar rise too fast. Hard-boiled eggs fit that need. One hard-boiled egg has six grams of protein to provide energy, without the spike. One study showed that people who ate two hard-boiled eggs a day for 12 weeks reduced their blood sugar levels significantly. Hard-boiled eggs also help you lose weight, since they keep you feeling full longer.

Another great snack that’s easy and transports well.

Staying healthy and snacking well doesn’t have to be difficult. Just buy almonds and divide them into bags with a single serving in each. How big is a serving size? It’s one ounce or about a fourth cup or a handful. You’ll get the benefit of the protein to keep you full, fiber to slow the absorption of sugar and healthy fat to add to your feeling of fullness. There’s a lot of healthy nutrients, including 32% of the daily recommended amount—RDA for manganese, 17% of the required riboflavin and 19% of the magnesium you need, plus 12 other vitamins and minerals. Almonds are higher in calories, so limit snacking on them to once a day and keep portion control in mind.

There’s nothing yummier than an apple and some nut butter, unless it’s an apple and cheese.

Pairing a fruit with a protein food provides a quick pick-me-up that doesn’t spike your blood sugar or make it drop dramatically later. Apples are a perfect match because they’re sweet, loaded with nutrients and complement both the cheese and nut butter. It doesn’t matter what type of nut butter you use, even peanut butter is good, just make sure the only ingredients in it are nuts and maybe a little salt. Apples provide several vitamins, such as C, E, and B. It also has magnesium and manganese. All these nutrients help control diabetes. You’ll have a snack that’s high in fiber with antioxidants to help protect the pancreas. You can also combine nut butter or cheese with pears or bananas for similar benefits that fill you up and are healthy.

  • Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans provide protein and fiber. You can eat them roasted, mixed in a meal or as a hummus dip for other vegetables. Studies show they provide benefits for diabetics, slowing its progression.
  • A dish of cottage cheese with a little unsweetened applesauce is a great snack that also provides energy, fiber and protein to keep you full longer. The cottage cheese alone is health and you can buy it in single serving sizes.
  • Who doesn’t love the crunch of popcorn? It’s a healthy snack that can help when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s high in fiber and really healthy when you make your own in an air-popper.
  • Go nuts with healthy balls. Mix chunky organic peanut butter with chopped bits of apple or some unsweetened applesauce and wheat germ and create a ball. Roll it in wheatgerm and store in the refrigerator.
  • If you’re diabetic and like to snack, natural peanut butter, with just one ingredient—peanuts, should be your best friend. The chunky kind adds even more crunch. Fill celery sticks with a tablespoon of it or stuff it with a long rectangle of cheese for a change of pace.

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