Fit3D Body Fat Scanner

Fit3D Body Fat Scanner

Fit3D – the most comprehensive wellness assessment technology available.

Knowledge is Power!

Not all diet and fitness programs are alike, nor should they be.

Learn how you can obtain a comprehensive avatar of your body both inside and out… helping you to eat better, train smarter, minimize aches and pains associated with prior injury, set realistic goals, improve athletic performance, develop an optimal physique, and achieve more from each and every training session.

Thrive Fitness Center is the first to bring revolutionary Fit3D technology to the greater Atlanta region. As part of our commitment to complete wellness, our team of elite trainers and nutritionists selected Fit3D as the most intuitive program of its kind.  Fit3D is utilized by medical and fitness professionals alike.

Understanding your body’s individual needs is vital to your overall health and physical development. Fit3D’s comprehensive data allows us to create a proper prescriptive training and diet program to achieve your goals.

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40 Seconds Can Improve Your Life.

In a 40 second scan, the Fit3D’s groundbreaking technology provides hundreds of measurements including:

Body Shape Wellness Score:

  • Fit3D measures your overall body mass utilizing body shape indexes from leading universities helping to identify your unique optimal body shape. Each scan measures circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes.

Posture Analysis:

  • Fit3D evaluates the state of your posture from head to toe in order to create a training program to improve muscular balance and alignment, build strength in weakened areas, and assist in identifying areas of rehabilitation from prior injury and promote even body development.

Body Composition

  • Fit3D technology utilizes the proprietary DXA correlated body fat percentage algorithm to provide an exact breakdown of bone mass, fat tissue and muscle mass – in addition to identifying the amount of fat mass and lean mass.

Body Weight 4-point Scale:

  • Fit3D analyzes your total body weight and balance of weight.

Track Your Progress:

  • Fit3D data is securely cloud-stored for future reference and to track progress with detailed “side by side” comparison keeping you on track and on goal.

Custom Fit Marketplace:

Put your best “fit forward — no matter your shape and size.  Whether you’re an elite athlete or undergoing a transformation…. your body deserves the best fitting apparel. Fit3D has aligned with the BeSpoke marketplace to offer custom-fit apparel for weekend and work. Step out with style and comfort.







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