Foods That Build Your Immunity

Clients come to Thrive 24hr Fitness in Brookhaven, GA, to achieve a wide variety of goals. Some people want to lose weight, others want more energy and still others want to be healthier. Not only does working out help boost your good health and immune system, there are foods that build your immunity, too. With the outbreak of Covid-19, a lot of studies were done on ways to boost immunity, many of which were built on previous research. Some of these studies showed that people with higher vitamin D levels were less likely to get covid-19 or weathered the illness better.

Choose your food wisely so you don’t have to choose your medication.

When you have a health issue, you go to a doctor and the doctor prescribes medicine, but wouldn’t it be better not to have that health issue at all? When you boost your immune system, you’ll get closer to that objective of staying healthier. Boosting your immune system can help prevent cancer, viruses, bacteria parasites and other pathogens. If your diet is high in sugar and processed junk food, you’ll actually weaken your immune system. Start by eliminating highly processed meats, refined carbohydrates and foods with extra sugar added. Include beverages that are high in sugar.

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide more than just vitamins and minerals, they provide phytonutrients.

When you eat fruits and vegetables of all colors, you’re providing a wide range of nutrients. Not only are you giving your body vitamins, like vitamin-C, you’re also providing phytonutrients, like anthocyanin bioflavinoids, the substance that makes blueberries blue, grapes red and purple, just to name a few. These have an anti-inflammatory effect and help regulate the immune response. Foods that also help boost immunity include, strawberries, cantaloupe, red bell peppers, Brussels sprouts carrots and mangos that are high in either vitamin C or vitamin A, both of which aid your immune system.

Include foods that contain high amounts of vitamin D.

The body actually makes its own vitamin D when the sun rays hit the skin and the cholesterol close to the surface, which starts a process that ends with vitamin D. Some foods also contain it. They may be fortified with vitamin D, like milk, or have it naturally, such as fatty fish like salmon, egg yolks, red meat, and organ meat like liver. If you get your vitamin D from the sun, do safe sunning. The amount of time you spend in direct sun without a sun block varies by your skin tone, but for most, it should be 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Zinc is an immune system booster. Foods that contain zinc include crab, lobster, whole grain, red meat, poultry, oysters and dairy.
  • Herbs and spices also offer immune building properties. Garlic, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, saffron, black pepper, coriander, ginger and turmeric are on that list. It’s the curcumin in turmeric and allicin in garlic that help.
  • You won’t have to stress about getting the right foods if you fill your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables. Not only are blue, purple and red ones filled with anthocyanins, the carotenoids in orange vegetables also boost your immune functioning.
  • Healthy gut bacteria is important for good immune functioning. Having diets high in soluble fiber can help boost the good bacteria and act as a prebiotic. Gut bacteria are part of your immune system. So can probiotic foods, like sauerkraut and yogurt.

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