Keep Your Body And Your Bones Strong With Strength Training In Atlanta

People, women especially, worry that strength training will leave them bulky and muscular. While strength training will make you muscular, it doesn’t have to leave you bulky and looking like the Incredible Hulk. For women, getting that type of look takes dedication, hours at the gym each week and a special diet. That’s because women don’t have the right hormones to get that look. Our trainers in Atlanta can help men avoid that bulky, bodybuilder muscular look and help them achieve a toned, yet lean muscular appearance.

Why do you need strength training?

You may say you don’t need strength training, but you’d be wrong. Everyone should be training to build their strength. For women, particularly older women, strength training can help prevent osteoporosis. In fact, some studies show that it actually can reverse bone loss and can be better than some medications. The muscles tugging on the bones causes the bones to activate bone building cells to adapt to the increased force and pressure caused by strength training, so they get stronger.

Muscles start to wither as you age.

From the time you’re about 30, muscles start to decrease naturally as you age. It’s called sarcopenia. The loss can be as large as 5% per year. That loss of muscle mass usually occurs in people that are inactive, but even active people can have it occur. The more muscle mass you lose, the less mobile you become. It gets even worse around the age of 75, but can accelerate as early as 65 and as late as 80. That plays a role in osteoporosis and falls that cause fractures in older adults. Strength training can help.

Strength training is a huge benefit for weight control.

You’ll burn calories with endurance training, like running, but those calories come from burning both lean muscle tissue and fat. Unfortunately, the less muscle tissue you have, the fewer calories your body burns, even when inactive, so losing muscle tissue lowers your metabolism. Strength training also burns tons of calories, but it also builds more muscle, which means you’ll boost your metabolism. If you want to lose weight, strength training will help.

  • If you have arthritis and stiffness of the joints, strength training can help. It aids in keeping joints flexible and is good for helping reduce arthritic pain.
  • Strength training can help relieve the symptoms of other chronic conditions and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, back pain an even anxiety and depression.
  • You’ll improve your balance with strength training. That can help prevent serious injuries from falls. It’s particularly important the older you are and can determine whether you can live independently in later years.
  • If you’re out of shape, older or have any physical condition and limitations, always check with your doctor before starting a workout program. A personal trainer can help you safely get back into shape.

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Keep Your Body And Your Bones Strong With Strength Training In Atlanta