Life Fitness Hacks

Life Fitness Hacks

Life Fitness Hacks:

Little things can make big differences on your fitness journey.
Here are some little adjustments that can make an improvement to your health even when you’re not at the gym!


Incline instead of Flat Treadmill

In a perfect, outdoor world, flat roads rarely exist. (Sorry, midwestern readers!) Add some hills to that treadmill run by cranking up the incline, and feel the muscle-building burn!


Bike to work instead of driving.

Obviously, this won’t work for everyone, but if your office is only a few miles away, bike to work to boost endorphins before the workday starts! (Paying for gas is no fun anyway.)


Warming up instead of Rushing Right to It

We know that barbell looks tempting. But before hitting the weight rack, do an active warm-up to loosen up limbs and get the most out of the workout. Working smarter- not harder!


Standing instead of Sitting at a Desk

How often does someone complain about having to sit in a cubicle all day? We have a simple solution (no college degree required) … stand. There are more health benefits, and it’s free.


Exercise Ball instead of an Office Chair

Okay, we get it. Some people really don’t want to stand at their cubicle. So, stay seated, but on a Swiss ball! It can help with balance and building a stronger core.


Hit the Gym instead of Napping

Tired in front of the TV? Hit the gym. It provides a big boost of energy and burns calories. Get into this healthier mentality now and you’ll find that it will be so much easier in future.


Use the Stairs instead of the Escalator / Elevator

We’ve heard the tip a million times, so here it is for the millionth plus one. If the option’s available, go the old-fashioned route and climb the stairs to burn some extra calories. It’s a great cardio, glutes, quads and hamstring workout!


Plan Active Dates instead of Dinner and a Movie

Save a night at that French restaurant for retirement and go on a fun, active winter date with a special someone. Sledding or hiking can be just as intimate as duck confit, and it sneaks in a hill-climbing workout, too. There is a long list of activities that you and a partner can experience together.


Parking Farther Away instead of Getting A Spot Up Close

There’s no need to circle the parking lot five times looking for the perfect spot. Just park further away and walk the extra 100 feet to the store. All those little trips add up and will help your fitness all that more.


Hands-Free Running instead of Holding Handles

Hands off! On the treadmill, don’t rely on the handlebars. They take some of the stress off the body and make that workout less challenging. You’ll be burning more calories with this simple swap.

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