Low Impact Ways To Stay Fit

People with joint problems and special needs often require low impact ways to stay fit. If you use the services of our personal trainers, you’ll get a program designed specifically for those needs. You can also do many things on your own that don’t require slamming your feet in the ground and facing potential risk of musculoskelatal injury. Some of these can even be fun, such as going dancing. Moves that require you to jump or leap should be avoided.

Do you already have an injury to your joint, make that joint stronger or avoid an injury all together.

In order to identify the best low impact exercises, you really need to know what a low impact exercise is. It’s an exercise where at least one foot remains in contact with the ground at all times. Right off, you know it doesn’t describe strength-building exercises, unless you’re jumping on boxes while carrying weights. Dumbbell presses, frontal raises and other weight lifting exercises won’t pound your joints, but build up to heavier weights slowly. Build the muscles up around the joints. Low impact exercises like reverse lunges, squats and step-ups are low impact, but if you have knee joint problems, may further irritate the knee.

You don’t have to have your feet slapping the street to get a good cardio workout.

Of course, you think of running when you hear the word cardio, but other types of workouts can be cardio, too and your feet don’t have to come off the ground. Take some golden oldies from the calisthenic list and modify it. Take the jump out of jumping jacks and you’ll have a great exercise. Instead of jumping up to put your foot out and back in, just slide the foot. The upper body motion can be the same. Riding a stationary bike with a low resistance can also lubricate the joints and reduce pain and stiffness.

Spending time in the pool is a great low impact exercises.

When you’re in water, your body is more buoyant and the water supports you, so there’s less joint impact. However, water does have a resistance when you walk through it that’s 12 times more than walking on land. It’s a natural strength-builder. Choose something simple to start with, like walking in the water. You’ll find it builds strength faster without the damage to your joints.

  • If you want to build upper body strength and endurance, a rowing machine can be a benefit. For a total body exercise without the impact, an elliptical machine is best.
  • Known for being low impact, tai chi, yoga and other gentle exercises are exceptional. The thoughtful, slow movements look relatively easy to do, but are far harder when you do them.
  • Isometric exercises are done by tightening the muscle and holding, then releasing. There is no impact on the joints at all. A great ab isometric is simple. Blow all the air out of your lungs, pull in your tummy tightly and hold, then release as you inhale.
  • Besides obvious times, such as painful joint or bone injuries, stress fractures, pregnancy or arthritis, people who are overweight may want to avoid high impact exercises until they build muscles around the joints.

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