How Much Exercise Is Right For You?

How Much Exercise Is Right For You?

Fitness Goals: How Much Exercise Is Right For You?

The ‘right’ amount of exercise for you can depend greatly on what you’re hoping to accomplish. Someone who is overweight and trying to shed pounds, for example, will probably have to exercise differently to a thin person whose aim is to build muscle, but less than someone in marathon training. Most of the studies have shown that the more exercise you do, the better you are. A minimum of 30 minutes per day is the advised amount of exercise for everyone, no matter your age or gender.


Goal: Staying Healthy

Recommendations issued by the Institute of Medicine, an independent group that advises the government, urged at least an hour of moderate exercise a day for optimal health. Regular exercise prevents loss of muscle and bone mass which can result in a deterioration of physical function and frailty. Working out will increase your physical stamina, decrease your chances of osteoporosis, improve your heart and lung function. Exercise can also reduce the risk of depression and memory loss, prevent and regulate diabetes, boost your mood and metabolism, and so much more.


Goal: Losing Weight

Half an hour a day of moderate activity simply won’t work for this goal. To shed the extra pounds, it’s necessary to tap into the body’s stored fuel source – fat – by eating less, eating healthier, and exercising more. How to properly adjust your diet and exercise will depend on various factors, including your current weight, diet, and metabolism.


Goal: Training/Body Sculpting

Weight training is key to developing that ‘sculpted’ look. How much exercise you need to burn fat and look fitter will depend on your metabolism, weight, diet and just how toned you want to be, but it will be a more intense workout in order to achieve dynamic results.


Goal: Improve Athletic Performance

Looking to dominate the game?  Athletes become elite athletes by dedicating serious time at the gym and on the field or court!  Overall, athletic training consists of exercises to build muscle, gain speed and improve agility — and vary greatly based on your sport: whether you play football, lacrosse, basketball, hockey or track.  Understanding the balance of athletic training, gym time, proper diet and ample rest is essential to be a top athlete in your sport.


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