Nutritional Guide To Help Gain Weight

If you’re familiar with Thrive Fitness in Chamblee, GA, you know we focus on your goals. Goals can vary from recovery from an injury to building endurance. Some people want to lose weight, for some people, it’s the opposite. The right type of nutrition can help with both. One mistake many people make when trying to gain weight is consuming junk food. There are healthier ways to gain weight that work.

You may be eating less than you think.

Track your food intake and keep a diary. If you’re grabbing a candy bar on the go and it fills you up so you eat less supper, you won’t be doing your body any favors. You’ll probably find that while you’re consuming junk food, your other food intake is minimal. If it isn’t, seek a healthcare professional’s advice to ensure you don’t have a physical problem.

Build muscle tissue.

If you gain weight, you want it to be lean muscle mass, which means you have to increase the amount of lean protein you consume. A program of strength training is important, too. Consume food that is higher in protein and nutrient-dense. Choose whole food, like brown rice, full-fat dairy, and nuts. Consume healthier oils, which include avocado and extra virgin olive oil. If you’re making a protein shake for a post-workout snack, use healthy ingredients, such as whey or pea protein, peanut butter, or full-fat Greek yogurt as a base. Add fruit and vegetables to the mix to get the flavor you desire.

It’s all about eating healthier and consuming more calories than you burn.

We provide scientifically based programs to help clients gain weight. You’d be surprised at the types of food it includes. Sweet potatoes, avocados, nut butter, and rice dishes are all part of the menu, but the workout also gets special attention. You may love running and cardio workouts, but those workouts can create problems for weight gain and weight loss. That’s because they burn both fat and muscle tissue for energy and getting more muscle tissue is a goal for both people who want to lose weight and those who want to gain it.

  • Keep your digestive system healthy and consume food with probiotics, such as kefir, yogurt, or sauerkraut. It helps improve your digestive system, so you’ll benefit from all the nutrients you consume.
  • While they may be high in calories, fried foods can also cause weight loss. They’re often hard to digest and push food through the system too fast, limiting absorption. The high-fat content fills you up quicker and keeps you full.
  • Put more focus on eating healthy and less on gaining weight. Make sure you have adequate protein to build muscle and all the nutrients necessary. Have healthy snacks ready like nuts and dried fruit trail mix.
  • Increase calories with toppings and extras. If you eat eggs and toast in the morning, top your eggs with cheese or put nut butter on your toast.

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