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Cameron Transformation

I train with Kristin and she is amazing!!! She really cares and works with you on your goals and nutrition, if you aren’t getting the results you want she will help you figure out why and adjust. I have been going to group training 3x a week since February and have lost

close to 25 lbs, gained muscle, and look forward to going in to Thrive every week! The team here is great no matter which trainer you choose – highly recommend!!!

Dennis Transformation

Started with Lloyd and his team at Thrive in January, 2018. I’ve had tremendous progress since working out with these guys. January, I weighed 207.4 lbs and had 28.6% body fat, just this past week I weighed in at 180.5 lbs and 16.4% body fat…and gained muscle mass. Tremendous Results! As I said Lloyd and his team are great, Kristin is my personal favorite…Stop by and see them to get started on transforming you…These results and I’m an old man…

As rapper J Cole says, “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours, Love Yours”, “But you ain’t never gon’ be happy ’til you love yours”…Start loving you today, visit Lloyd and his team.

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Gabrielle Nicolini

I’ve been overweight practically my entire life with periods of ups and downs but no real long-term success. I signed up with an awesome personal trainer at Thrive Fitness at the beginning of 2018, because I decided it was finally time to put my health first. I have high blood pressure and cholesterol, and to be healthy, my doctor had recommended I lose about 25lbs. I knew that in order to achieve my goals I also needed to work on my diet. As a vegetarian, I’ve struggled with what and how to eat to maintain a healthy weight. I was referred to Renee because of her extensive nutrition background and experience working with a vegetarian diet. I signed up to work with her as my nutritional coach for one month to basically re-learn how to fuel my body the right way. She had me track all my food and beverages and was able to check in on my daily intake through a food log. She did an in-person consultation to discuss my health history, goals and let me know how to change up my diet. Renee also sent recipes throughout the week, examples of high protein, healthy vegetarian diets and even provided restaurant menu consultations. She was always available via text, email or in-person at the gym, and was quick to offer advice and motivation whenever I needed it. Within a week of working with Renee I felt less bloated, had way more energy and suddenly realized that I could really do it this time, I could really lose the weight I’d been carrying around for years. At the end of the month I’d lost weight but the best part was that my cholesterol numbers were in a healthy range now and my blood sugars leveled. My doctor let me stop taking my medication. Renee gave me the tools I needed for continued success, and I know I can still go to her with any questions I have moving forward. Renee was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her and her services at Nourish & Flourish.

~Gabrielle Nicolini

Jen’s Transformation

“I have been a member of many big box gyms, small boutique gyms, and boot camps in the area and nothing comes close to comparing to the experience or results of Thrive Fitness. I joined Thrive in January 2013, after many failed attempts with other personal trainers not challenging me and realizing I was six months away from my 30th Birthday and wanted to get in shape. My trainer, Deveren, put me on an intense work-out plan that I hated at first, but now love! When I don’t train with Dev, I do Thrive’s Crossfit program, which is also very challenging. Since starting training, I have become faster and stronger than ever. This program is an investment and in my opinion, well worth it. For me, it has held me accountable knowing that I have an appointment and someone is waiting on me to work out. I know when I leave Thrive after my workout I have earned my shower!”*

~Jenn (Thrive Groupie)

John’s Transformation

I have been going to Thrive Fitness and working out with Lloyd Garden for almost 9 months. I have been a member of a lot of different gyms in the past and worked out with a personal trainer but never achieved results like I have been able to achieve with Lloyd at Thrive Fitness.

The culture at Thrive Fitness is encouraging and engaging. There is more to fitness than just working out or eating the right things. It is a way of life and the social culture at Thrive helped me to adopt the right attitude toward personal training and fitness.

The environment at Thrive and the encouragement provided by the staff helped me to stick with it and make it a way of life.

The Thrive staff combines nutrition, exercise, weight training and education to help you achieve the results that you want. That is the difference that I believe separates Thrive from other health clubs or boot camps.*

~Jenn (Thrive Groupie)

Tricia’s Transformation

Over the past 11 months I have changed my lifestyle thanks to Lloyd Garden, owner and personal trainer at Thrive. I wanted to start eating healthier, work out and lose weight and make this a way of life. I remember Lloyd telling me it takes 45 days to change a habit, now I truly believe that. That’s me pictured above before (left) and after (right).

I started out with one on one training and added bootcamp so I was working out a total of 5 days a week. Lloyd provided me with an eating plan as well. After three months we took my measurements and I already started seeing the results. This gave me inspiration to continue strong and strive to meet my goal of losing 20lbs.

At the beginning it was strenuous and intense, but with motivation and determination I found myself looking forward to my work outs. I can’t say they have gotten easy, but maybe easier, now that my

body is conditioned. I plan on continuing my relationship for many years at Thrive because I know the staff there has my best interest in mind and they want me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to maintaining the goals I had set out to do.. I will be running my first 10K this month.*

Tony’s Transformation


I wanted to thank you and your experienced staff for getting me back in shape in just 3 months. My wife said that this is the best shape that she has seen me in and was overwhelmingly surprised on how much I have changed since I joined Thrive Fitness. She noticed more improvement in my health and appearance in just 2 months at Thrive Fitness verses the last 5 years I invested at a large commercial gym. I’m 38 years old and I now feel and look 10 years younger since I started your program. By attending your classes on average of 4 hours per week for 3 months, I have lost over 15 pounds, decreased my body mass index percentage by 6%, and gained noticeable lean muscle mass. The combination of group boot camp classes and personal training sessions were pivotal in allowing me to achieve my goal and providing me the proper motivation and techniques to burn fat and build muscles within a short time frame.

Your group fitness classes were always diverse, fun, and motivational while the one-on-one sessions were personalized for strength training and keeping me on track with my progress. Surprisingly, your classes allowed me to burn calories at twice the pace than I was accomplishing on my own. My metabolism and stamina have improved drastically without giving into fads that just don’t work. I love that fact that I did not have to spend money on an excessive diet program, invest in diet supplements, or eat prepared meals to get in shape. Thank you for making me healthier and happier.*

Tony S.

Dominique’s Transformation

Ten months after having my second child, I was still 20 pounds away from being where I wanted. I had tried a personal trainer at a big gym, running, and dieting. I thought I couldn’t lose anymore, and that this is what I had to settle for now that I was a Mommy.

A neighbor recommended this bootcamp program and I decided to check it out. The first couple of times I wanted to give up because it was too hard, but I also knew it was pushing me harder than anything else I had tried. I kept going and started seeing results immediately. The more results I saw, the more I would go- after 2 months I had lost 3 inches off my waist!!

Nine months later, I’m not only at my goal weight, I’m in the best shape I have ever been in and have even decided to train for a triathlon.

Try the program – you can get so much out of it!*



Fitness and training programs offered at Thrive are diverse, truly offering the best solution for each client. Programs are individually crafted and scientifically proven effective whether you are seeking to improve performance, lose weight, build a muscular physique overcome injury. Thrive’s one-on-one personal training and other customized programs will help you attain real results.


Working one-on-one with a professional personal trainer who understands your body and recognizes what is best for you is the best gift you can give yourself. Every single hard-working client at Thrive receives the full benefits of his or her own individualized program. Reward yourself with improved health, mood, confidence, energy and longevity.


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