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Cardio for Weight Loss: High-Intensity vs. Low-Intensity

Cardio is oftentimes either drastically overlooked or underlooked. Many lifting enthusiasts forget to make time for cardio, while many athletes looking for weight loss resort to heavy amounts of cardio daily.   However, there’s no need to neither avoid it entirely nor run dozens of miles a week. The solution is either High-Intensity Interval Training …

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Healthy Choice Hacks

Healthy Choice Hacks Cook instead of eating out.  Even if you try to eat healthy at a restaurant, that pesky bread bowl or sneaky salad may pack more calories than you planned for. Trust your inner Top Chef skills, and turn on the (skillet) heat. Cooking at home will more likely result in a healthier meal, not …

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Life Fitness Hacks

Life Fitness Hacks: Little things can make big differences on your fitness journey. Here are some little adjustments that can make an improvement to your health even when you’re not at the gym!   Incline instead of Flat Treadmill In a perfect, outdoor world, flat roads rarely exist. (Sorry, midwestern readers!) Add some hills to …

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