7 Tricks Athletes Use to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

7 Tricks Athletes Use to Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep Getting a good workout in the gym can sometimes leave you feeling overstimulated when it comes to going to bed. World-famous athletes owe a lot of their success to their training coaches and also to their sleep coaches. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, here are some tricks and tips …

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Healthy Choice Hacks

Healthy Choice Hacks Cook instead of eating out.  Even if you try to eat healthy at a restaurant, that pesky bread bowl or sneaky salad may pack more calories than you planned for. Trust your inner Top Chef skills, and turn on the (skillet) heat. Cooking at home will more likely result in a healthier meal, not …

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Junk Food Swaps

Junk Food Swaps Swap these 14 common junk foods for our recommended healthier (great tasting) alternatives. These substitute options can help you achieve your desired body weight, and maintain your health for a more positive lifestyle choice.   Fries > > Sweet Potato White potatoes and sweet potatoes have similar nutrition profiles except for sweet potatoes …

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