Renee BoyerPersonal Training & Nutritional Coach

    A lover of fitness and an athlete since childhood. Renee’s journey began at age 22 when she watched her 51-year-old mother pass away from breast cancer. It was at this pivotal moment that Renee vowed to live her life in the healthiest possible way. She believed that her mother’s diet and lifestyle was a contribution to her illness and Renee committed to taking the necessary actions to prevent herself from suffering the same fate.

    Renee began studying cancer prevention diets, eating healthy organic foods, and taught herself how to cook. Having always been athletic and a lover of working out, brimming with determination and inspiration, she made the choice to go back to college to pursue a Health and Physical Education Degree.

    A thirst for knowledge and new found love for healthy food lead Renee to study at Shaw Academy where she received diplomas in Personal Nutrition, Diet and Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Childhood Nutrition. While studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition she gained her certification as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Integrative Nutrition. Training included over 100 dietary theories, bio-individuality, detoxification programs, weight loss protocols, stress reduction, self care, balancing primary foods, and disease management techniques. This afforded Renee a comprehensive understanding of the functions of health, importance of nutrition and fitness along with the mind body connection. Most importantly; it gave her the ability to support her clients in making the necessary changes to achieve a state of happy, healthy balance.

    Shortly after finishing nutrition school, Renee went on to study at NASM, one of the nation’s premier sports medicine schools where she earned her certification in personal training. It is her belief that health, nutrition and physical activity are key in creating a life of peace and longevity. Renee’s knowledge has enabled her to come out on top of her own health battles. She enjoys helping others to reach their goals and to find the healthiest versions of themselves.

    Her specializations include, but are not limited to: endurance, strength/resistance, balance and flexibility training, corrective exercise, pilates, barre, yoga, core and stability training, weight loss/weight management and tabata interval training

    As a Nutrition Coach, my mission is to help others realize their full potential by incorporating healthy food and regular fitness into their lives. I work one on one with you to build a solid foundation for personal growth. It is my goal to educate and guide my clients to make behavioral changes that will in turn improve their nutrition and physical abilities, as well as lower their stress and anxiety levels. Additionally, I teach my clients to channel their energy toward positive, productive thoughts, therefor conquering cravings and eliminating the tendency toward emotional eating.

    Thanks to my educational background, I am able to understand and utilize a wide variety of dietary and nutrition theories to help my clients achieve overall health and wellness. In addition to my nutrition services, I am also a NASM certified personal trainer and I offer fitness consultation and personal training services to help you conquer your weight loss or fitness goals.