You and your personal trainer will customize a plan that is perfectly “fitted” for you. Together, you’ll reach your goals and experience results you never thought possible. Your trainer will use a “holistic” approach to target health, diet, and fitness objectives.




Includes Fit 3D & In-Body Scan.

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Thrive’s World-Class Method To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Personal Training in Atlanta

Science Based

Start your fitness journey grounded in science. We use the latest technology, including InBody 360 for body composition analysis of fat, muscle and water; and Fit3D providing 200 points of measurement, to get a detailed view of your body’s composition and overall fitness level.

After that, we develop a plan that’s perfectly fitted for you. Our trainers have up-to-date knowledge of fitness techniques that actually work. We know that your goals, preferences, and availability are unique, so we make sure that you’ll get a plan that sets you up for success.

Customized Personal Training for Your Needs

Completely Customized

At Thrive Fitness, you’re taken through rigorous checkpoints, which we call objectives, to make sure you’re progressing and hitting your goals.

Objective 1: lays the foundation with body fat analysis and a diet plan.

Objective 2: we determine your starting level of movement and endurance.

Objective 3: determines the best exercises for your program.

Nutrition at Thrive Fitness

No-Sweat Nutrition

The biggest challenge that sabotages our clients’ progress is proper nutrition.

Many of us never learned the right way to eat and fuel our bodies. Over the years. We tend to pick up bad habits from busy lifestyles and the latest fad diets.

When it comes to hitting your goal weight, we really care and work with you on your nutrition. If you aren’t getting the results you want, we will help you figure out why and adjust.

Our Trainers

For the last 11 years, we’ve worked with people of all fitness levels. Thrive Fitness put together a diverse team of personal trainers on staff with numerous certifications, degrees, training styles, and areas of expertise. There’s plenty of equipment, healthy meal preparation, and if you need extra help, there’s a trainer at Thrive Fitness that’s a perfect fit for you here in Brookhaven!


Lloyd (Fitness Trainer)

Lloyd Garden


Lloyd Garden is an accomplished ex-professional athlete, ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, NSA Nutritional Coach, and the dynamic visionary behind Thrive Fitness Studio.

As a renowned personal trainer of the Greater Atlanta area for 2 decades, Lloyd has guided high school, collegiate and professional athletes, sports trainers, new moms, and high-power executives through the maze of personalized training and proper nutrition. His elite experience has positioned him as the “trainers’ trainer” educating new aspiring personal trainers over the years. His micro-focused approach has resulted in happy, fit, and healthy clients from all backgrounds.

Personal (Fitness Trainer)

Macy Hyatt


Macy Hyatt is an alumni of The University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign where she completed 4 years as an NCAA Division I full scholarship gymnast. She managed 40+ hours a week of practice, competition, and rehabilitation while excelling academically in the Applied Health Sciences program. There she started a “Get Up and Move” movement in 2010 for a duration of 3 years, which involved elementary school visits to teach the importance of fitness and health. She was a 3-time National qualifier as a level 10 gymnast. Placing top 7 AA amongst the best gymnasts in the nation in 2008, and the top 3 in the nation on several individual events. She competed at the elite level of gymnastics receiving advanced coaching by US National Team coaches.

Gustavo (Fitness Trainer)

Gustavo Jenkins


Gustavo Jenkins is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute (NTPI). He has a degree and more than 1000 hours of direct personal training experience. He is a physique specialist and Caliber Enterprise model. He strives to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle while building their self-confidence and is a firm believer in practice makes perfect.

Gustavo guides clients to set goals and crush expectations by fighting the good fight every day. “Give it your all every day, and every day you will win": There are certain constants in life. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a blue, white, gray, or purple collar; the formula for success is the same.


Brandie Edwards


Brandie Edwards, Personal Trainer Brandie Edwards is an ACE certified personal trainer and also Red Cross certified in CPR. She holds a B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Health Education from Texas Southern University. While in college, she was on the Texas Southern University Track & Field team where she became the SWAC Champion in the Heptathlon.

After college, Brandie moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in the health field and started training for bikini fitness competitions. This is where her love grew even more for health and fitness. She loves working with clients on specialized fitness programs and is excited to begin helping our clients.


Gabe Glamp


Gabe Glamp is a CPR certified and ISSA certified personal trainer. He has found an overwhelming passion for fitness through his own successful weight loss and transformation. Through his own experience and advancing his skills, Gabe has learned numerous types of workouts applicable to all body types.

He has used his gained knowledge over the years to help train and empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals. He believes in consistency in combination with individualized training to create the greatest outcomes. Gabe not only uses his positive attitude and energetic demeanor to keep clients motivated to push closer to their goals, but to celebrate each client’s accomplishments and personal achievements.

Angela (Fitness Trainer)

Angela Yearwood


Angela is a NASM-certified trainer. She is passionate about fitness & helping others feel comfortable and confident in their own body! After sustaining multiple injuries in a car accident in 2013, Angela had to relearn most fundamental & functional movements through rehabilitation. Going through this adversity, she developed a passion for overall health & wellness; & realized she wanted to help others enrich their lives through fitness as well. With her enthusiastic personality & positive attitude, Angela enjoys working with ladies of all ages & sizes who are eager to achieve their own fitness goals!
Kevin (Fitness Trainer)

Kevin Marrero


Meet Kevin, a training manager, and profoundly passionate fitness enthusiast. He helps many clients reach their respective fit goals, by leading by example of practicing the very ‘core principles of training’ that he coaches to every client. He studied exercise physiology at the University of Charleston, WV, and specialized in applied principles of biomechanics since he finished In 2005. With more than 17 years of experience as an intuitive fitness professional, he’s helped many clients appreciate the value of training effectively and efficiently with proper biomechanics for those investing their time and efforts to shape their bodies through fitness. If you’re serious about training and looking for an effective fitness professional with a wealth of knowledge, that’s motivating and fun-loving and who delivers results, YOU should stop by and see Kevin at Thrive Fitness ATL today!


Will Speights


Native of Cleveland Ohio,  I have a Bachelor's in Health and Science as Well as a NASM CPR/AED and personal trainer certification. I have been in hospitality and retail management for 10+ years, gaining knowledge and experience in teaching and training as well as emotional intelligence. Everything starts with your mindset, I am a firm believer that body can achieve whatever the mind can conceive. My aspirations are to help others unlock there full potential to achieve there fitness goals through motivation, accountability, support, knowledge and positivity.
I specialize in performance and enhancement providing knowledge on proper movement as well strength and conditioning for anyone to reach their peak performance potential.

The Thrive Method to 1-on-1 Training:


Real results come from proper diet and training. Our mission is to help you realize your full potential by incorporating healthy food and personalized training into your life. We work with you one-on-one to build a solid foundation for personal growth.


With the InBody 360, we are able to evaluate your body’s muscle, fat and water ratios inside and out to intelligently build a customized fitness plan. With Fit3D we take it further to measure 200 points within your body and target key areas to concentrate on to help maximize your results.

Monitor and track your body composition as you watch your body fat percentage drop. Break through plateaus and work with your trainer to supercharge your body’s progress!


Neighboring Thrive Fitness is Thrive Sauna Studios where you can relax and recharge with an infrared sauna experience unlike any other. The infrared and full spectrum sauna provides more benefits than a regular sauna with less heat, so it’s comfortable to stay in longer and the benefits are multiplied. The Cool Spa provides a series of non-invasive body treatments for recovering from strenuous exercise and sports, as well as trimming, sculpting, and rejuvenating your body.


Get The Transforming Power Of Nutrition.  Save time and take care of your body with our Atlanta area meal prep service. Each week, you’ll enjoy entrees with seasonal ingredients. You’ll never get bored with our rotating recipes. We offer options to fit your needs: Paleo, Gluten-Free, 1200 Calorie, High Protein Diet, Vegan/Vegetarian, Whole 30, Keto, breakfast, snacks, and more! We’ll help uncover your perfect meal plan to balance your nutrition and dietary needs.

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