Get A Yearly Eye Exam for your Health

Even if you don’t have problems seeing, it’s a good thing to have a yearly eye exam. Consider it as regular maintenance, like you’d perform on your car. It’s like a dental exam every six months. You may not have a toothache, but you still want to make certain you stop any problem before it gets to that point. Eye exams also provide other information, besides just the quality of your vision.

Eye exams can help detect other problems.

Routine eye exams have helped people identify other serious problems that don’t involve the eyes. It can aid in identifying diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Eye doctors have even detected signs of brain tumors. These signs are made more visible when the eyes are dilated. It gives the eye doctor an opportunity to check the arteries, blood vessels and cranial nerves in the eyes. This type of identification can occur far before other types of symptoms occur, when it may be too late.

Eye problems can be detected and prevent further damage from occurring.

The World Health Organization conducted a study and concluded that 80% of visual problems could be avoided. Eye strain is one of those problems that can get worse over time if not corrected as quickly as possible. Just using a computer as little as three hours a day can create problems and most people do that almost daily.

Eye diseases are identified during eye exams.

Glaucoma is an insidious disease that slowly develops, but can leave you with vision loss if it’s not treated properly. Cataracts are another eye problem that develops and slowly robs you of visual acuity. Both of these are identified by an eye doctor. The pressure test detects excessive eye pressure, which can affect the health of the optic nerve. That type of damage can’t be reversed.

  • Eye doctors often use an Amsler that identifies the center of vision. The grid should have clear straight lines, but with macular degeneration, the lines are distorted, faded and broken.
  • Eye exams are particularly important for both children and older adults. Children need good vision to help them in school, while older adults face the ravages of aging and serious conditions that occur as we age.
  • Yearly exams help the doctor note changes each year, which helps to understand how healthy your eyes are and reduce the risk for serious conditions.
  • A change in your eye prescription can take its toll. It can make you tired, have headaches and suffer from eye strain. The feeling of exhaustion can affect your energy level and your overall performance in your workout.

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