15 Excuses You’ll Never Make Again

15 Excuses You’ll Never Make Again

Workout Excuses –

Everyone wants a better body. Everyone wants to maintain or improve their health and level of fitness. However, when it comes to putting desires and words into action, it’s amazing the amount of reasons people find to not follow through. Finding motivation can be difficult, but always remember that once you start, you’ll feel so much better and you’ll be glad you started.
Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

In the meantime, let’s combat the top 15 workout excuses:

Workout Excuse #1:
“I’m too tired”

Fact: Exercise increases your energy levels.
Yes, you may feel tired and drained now, but the body is boosted with endorphins and pumped full of adrenaline less than 6 seconds into your workout. No, it’s not a miracle- it’s science. This natural increase in energy levels also leads to a better-quality of sleep so you can wake up the next day feeling completely rejuvenated and energized. The key is to stay active and don’t let yourself rest and relax too much after work as your body associates this ‘wind-down’ routine as rest. Instead, why not try driving straight to the gym after work, or go first thing in the morning when you wake up. Remember to focus on the benefits of how you will feel afterwards!

Workout Excuse #2:
“It’s too hot”

Fact: Gyms are airconditioned.
Huh, imagine that. You can cool down from the balmy heat in a clean and airconditioned facility while working on your fitness. Yes, you will sweat while you exercise but this is the good kind of sweat that you want- this sweat is burning fat, toning and sculpting your body and making you into a better version of yourself. Completely different to being a sweaty blob on your chair or sitting at home with the aircon on winter temps.

Workout Excuse #3:
“It’s too cold”

Fact: Activating your muscles creates heat.
As soon as you start exercising, your body increases the blood flow to your system and builds up your heart-rate. This, in turn, leads to a rise in body temperature which will produce sweat to cool you down. Feel that burning in your muscles? Taking off that sweatshirt? I bet you’re not feeling cold anymore and you’re only mid-way through your warm-up!

Workout Excuse #4:
“It’s too difficult”

Fact: You’re not expected to squat 100lbs or run a marathon.
It’s amazing how many people think you must lift heavy weights when you’re at the gym, or run on the treadmill for an hour. Truth is, you don’t have to lift any weights if you aren’t comfortable to, and you don’t even have to go on the treadmill at all! There are hundreds of exercises and variations to choose from to suit you and your needs. Sure, some of these exercises are challenging but you start small and build your way up. No one expects you to push beyond your limits.

Workout Excuse #5:
“I’m too busy”

Fact: You can always set time aside for things that are important to you.
Oh- you’re hungry? I’m sure you set time aside to go and get some food and eat it. Your friend’s party- I’m sure you set time aside to get ready and look good before taking the rest of the night off to go and have fun. The truth is, everyone is busy. No one really has enough time in their day to do all the things they want. Which is why you need to make time. A one-hour workout equals 4% of your total day, and you deserve that “me” time. If it is a priority to you. then you will find a way to schedule it in even if you have to set the time back a little or go somewhat earlier, Your schedule may not be consistent, but the fact that you have designated a time period is the most important step. After all, it’s your health, and your future, so don’t neglect yourself.

Workout Excuse #6:
“It’s too expensive”

Fact: Can you really put a price on your health?
Did you know that people who exercise regularly are sick less often? Exercise isn’t just about looking great- it’s also about your health. Research has proven exercise on a regular basis can reduce your risk of illness and disease, improve your memory and immune system, keep bones strong, help to elevate your mood and combat depression… and so much more. The price you are really paying for at a gym is the motivation, encouragement, technique, and development that you may not get compared to going at it alone. Besides, the gym has all the equipment you need at a fraction of the cost.

Workout Excuse #7:
“I don’t know how”

Fact: Everyone starts somewhere.
You are never expected to approach gym equipment and know exactly how to operate it or know the proper technique the first time. In fact, exercise equipment varies from gym to gym, with brands building machines differently. Your personal trainer will walk you through proper technique and use of each machine. When you’re on your own, read the posted instructions and guidelines printed on the framework, or you can always ask for help. Asking for help one of the better ways to have someone more expert give you the best advice and tips, even if you are just asking for proper form and technique. Never be afraid to ask. Knowing the answers will improve your confidence and your workout. Getting proper instruction is just an arm’s reach away.

Workout Excuse #8:
“I’m not motivated”

Fact: Everyone has a motivation.
Take a picture of yourself now. Go on. Wearing your underwear, click that photo button and tell me what you see. Have you put on or lost weight? Has your skin aged? When was the best you ever looked? Where do you want to be body-wise? Have you felt your energy deteriorate or is it gone already? Have you noticed your immune system weaken? Are you getting quality sleep? Are you finding it a little difficult to do things you used to? Exercise isn’t just about looks. It’s about health. It’s about fitness. And there’s a stack of reasons to motivate you. Even though these reasons may not be so noticeable now, it’s usually when they get noticeably bad that you start to pay attention. Keep this photo on your phone, in your locker, in your car, next to your television- anywhere it will motivate you to get up and get out! Take photos of your progress too. Everyone exercises for different reasons and different motives- what’s yours?

Workout Excuse #9:
“I’m intimidated”

Fact: The gym is a safe and welcoming place to everyone.
Everyone is their own harshest critic. Not only do people come to the gym to maintain a healthy body, but they are usually also working out on their own problem areas. Everyone is at a different level of fitness and everyone has different goals. Don’t feel like just because the person next to you is lifting a certain amount or doing so many reps that you should try to compete or do the same. Focus on you and your limitations and try to beat those- not what someone else is doing. There is no expectation of fitness stage versus your age or weight, so don’t be intimidated by others- you don’t know their story so it’s not fair to compare.

Workout Excuse #10:
“I look terrible”

Fact: The gym isn’t a beauty parade.
Leave your insecurities at the door when walking into any gym. So what- your hair is a mess, you have a giant pimple on your face, your skin is pasty because you haven’t tanned, your gym clothes aren’t from the latest designer- what has any of that got to do with working out? You aren’t expected to look your best at the gym. You are, however, expected to build your best self. Focus on your true goals- work out, improve, hit those targets and achieve those objectives. The thing is, it will take time- you won’t gain magical results overnight, but you will feel the benefits after each session.

Workout Excuse #11:
“I’m too old”

Fact: You’re never too old to start exercising.
In fact, the best time is now. Exercise prevents loss of muscle and bone mass which can result in a deterioration of physical function and frailty. Working out will increase your physical stamina and functionality, decrease your chances of osteoporosis, improve your heart and lung function, reduce the risk of depression and memory loss, prevent and regulate diabetes, boost your mood and metabolism, and so much more. In fact, we can’t think of any reason not to start exercising!

Workout Excuse #12:
“I hate going alone”

Fact: You don’t have to.
If you can’t convince a friend, colleague, partner or family member, why not try befriending someone at your gym? If that fails, one of the most effective results come from a personal trainer. A personal trainer is your support system, your friend that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and will ensure you don’t skip leg day.

Workout Excuse #13:
“It’s so boring”

Fact: So is sitting around.
What are you doing when you go to the gym? How can you find it boring? With hundreds of exercises, a variety of equipment machines, fitness classes to appeal to everyone- it’s so difficult to feel bored unless you just aren’t challenging yourself or varying your routine enough. In which case, congratulations, you get to step it up a notch to the next level! We also suggest you reevaluate your motivation and find a supercool playlist of music to work out to, to get you pumped for your next training sesh!

Workout Excuse #14:
“My back/arm/leg hurts”

Fact: Proper exercise actually reduces pain.
An inactive lifestyle can lead to back, muscle and joint pain. Exercising with incorrect technique can also cause injury. The best thing you can do is learn the proper way to execute an exercise and work out from there. Your personal trainer can show you ways to reduce chronic pain and adapt your workout plan depending on your injury. The most important thing is to keep moving!

Workout Excuse #15:
“I look okay already”

Fact: Looks are only skin-deep.
Do you know what’s really going on inside your body? You may look fine on the outside but we exercise for so much more than looks. Besides, if you don’t maintain those looks, it will fade. Exercise is important to maintaining and improving our health with so many wonderful benefits like; a better night’s sleep, reduced risk of illness and disease, improving your memory and immune system, keeping bones strong and a great posture, building muscle mass and flexibility, increasing endorphins which will result in more energy and an elevated mood,… just to name a few! Ask about the latest body scan technology to see what’s really going on inside your body and create an action plan.


So the next time one of these excuses crosses your mind, remember to combat these excuses with our motivating facts and get your legs moving to that gym! We hope to see you soon.


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