Dumb Mistakes You Still Might Be Making At The Gym

It can be hard to start working out at the gym. There’s a bit of intimidation and often a lack of motivation that can stand in your way. Once you overcome both, you still face the potential of making dumb mistakes. That’s not a problem at Thrive Fitness in Chamblee, GA, where trainers can help you avoid dumb mistakes at the gym. Even if you do make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. Even seasoned athletes do. Many of these have to do with the use of your time at the gym and aren’t noticed by anyone else.

You may be resting too long between sets or exercises and not varying your routine.

If you worked out for an hour but spent half that time resting between sets and exercises or hanging around the water fountain talking to others, you didn’t do yourself justice. Maximizing your workout maintains an elevated heart rate so you burn the most calories. Doing the same exercise routine also affects the calories you burn. The more you do an exercise, the more efficient your body becomes doing it, and the fewer calories you burn.

Just going through the movements as fast as possible is another mistake.

The benefits and safety of an exercise depend on your form. The correct form can make a difference between success and failure or even injury. Take your time to focus on each movement, especially doing resistance training. Controlled movement is just as important as increased weight. If you’re just beginning an exercise program, don’t try to do too much at first. Going too hard at first can cause injury and end your gym visits for a while. Again, focusing on form and slowing it down keeps you working at peak performance.

Don’t forget warm-up and cool-down exercises.

You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t warm up before a workout. Warm-up exercises can improve your performance by increasing circulation to raise the heart rate slowly and warm the muscles. Cool-down exercises prevent blood from pooling and can help jump-start the recovery process. When you stretch to cool down, it increases your range of motion and boosts joint health.

  • If you aren’t doing recovery exercises between gym visits and spending the day as a couch potato, you won’t see the progress you want. Between tough workouts walk, ride a bike, or do other light workouts to boost circulation and improve recovery.
  • Tracking your workout can help you identify your progress and determine whether your workout is effective. Track the number of reps or the weight you lift.
  • One huge mistake people often make is working out and then stopping for a high-calorie treat that offers no benefits. Prepare healthy preworkout and postworkout snacks to improve your workout and recovery.
  • Start by using a personal trainer. The trainer can help you avoid many of the mistakes beginners and even seasoned athletes face. They also can provide motivation, help you with form, and maximize your time at the gym.

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